Owner / CEO

With over 20 years of experience, LeBron Arnwine has been involved in the production, songwriting, & arranging of projects featuring artists such as Resound, Judy Jacobs, David & Nicole Binion, William McDowell, and Darlene Zschech. He has also played for artists such YEBBA, Benita Jones, Dante Bowe, Kim Cruse, Leon Timbo, and many more.


LeBron's passion in life has always been to love God, serve people, & operate in a lifestyle of excellence. In March 2018, A&A Production studios was established. Through it, LeBron has been carrying out his vision of creating unique experiences for creatives and producing top quality material.


LeBron graduated from Lee University with a Bachelor's in Digital Media and is the co-founder of the independent music label, Writing Rounds Music.



Ashton Cone



LeBron Arnwine



Jessica Hitte

Executive Assistant

LeBron Arnwine


"The first time LeBron played for me, he made it so easy. It felt like playing with family. He's an incredible musician and MD, but also has such a gift of making people feel comfortable and secure on the platform. He always has my back up there which makes it easy and more fun for me to do what I do. I'm grateful for musicians like him who are stewarding what God has given them so well."

Catherine Mullins - Artist

"Working with LeBron was an amazing experience. Each one of us felt very comfortable in studio sessions and practices with him. LeBron is not only a skillful musician, but requires a standard of excellence in his work ethic, professionalism, and performances. We were creatively challenged as background vocalists to arrange and produce a certain sound with his specific instructions. His ear is impeccable and gift is widely respected across the nation. One of the best producers we’ve ever worked with."

"Suzanne and I were so blessed to work with the master professor / producer, LeBron. He is a musician's musician and a producer's producer. So, my friend, continue making life-changing music to bless the world." 

Nathan Young - Artist

"LeBron's gift to play, arrange, write, and produce quality work is obvious. What I have learned during our time of working together is that the secret is in the details. He pays attention and puts value on even the smallest things and it makes the biggest difference. His work ethic is incomparable and professionalism is unmatched, however, what sets him apart is his gift of making the experience one you will never forget. His contagious enthusiasm and his refusal to settle for anything less than excellent will bring out more in you than you believed you were capable of." 

Jessica Hitte - Artist

"Working with A&A is an absolute pleasure. LeBron brings quality production to the table every time we work together in the studio. He is a great producer and an all around awesome human being."

Ethen Martin - Engineer (Arch Audio Recordings)

"We love working with A&A for our albums. From composing to engineering, LeBron is creative and patient when working with artists. He brings so much to add to the talent in the studio and is so easy to work with. Can't recommend him enough!"

Kyle Philippi - Far Flung Tin Can

"I have to give LeBron Arnwine 5 stars for excellence, skillfulness, and passion for his work.He is phenomenal at producing and at musicianship. What sets him apart from other producers is how he balances friendliness with professionalism. He is ALWAYS prepared, punctual, and he executes the heart of the musician/singer as if it's his own song."

Jojo Shoemate - Artist

"When you work with LeBron, expect to have the time of your life while making music that shakes the ground."

Jason Foster - Musician (The Circle Session)

"I have known LeBron Arnwine for over 4 years. From the first time I saw him in action, I was impressed, not only by his musicianship, but also by his passion and professionalism. Because of this, I asked him if he would consider being the official band director for my group, Ahmad Hall & Friends. He accepted, and since then, we have had many compliments on our band and production. LeBron has become our brother, our friend, and we are blessed to know him. We're looking forward to A&A completing our new music very soon. If at all possible, make A&A your #1 stop for your production needs. You won't regret it!"

Ahmad Hall - Artist

"LeBron Arnwine is the epitome of excellence. He always comes ready to give everything he's got to offer. He pushes and challenges people to be everything they can be, and is an incredible musician. He honestly helped us become what we are today. LeBron is great at coming up with creative ideas and things outside the box. He's very passionate, consistent, and hardworking. We love LeBron!"

Kaylee + Erica - Artist

"Working with LeBron is a great experience. He'll definitely help you bring your vision to life."

Joe-L Barnes - Artist (Maverick City Music)

RESOUND - Artist

"It's been such a breath of fresh air working with LeBron. He's organized, focused, timely, and very resourceful! He's a producer I know I can trust with my music and my sound. His ear is incredible and his creativity is unmatched. A&A is always at the top of my list for production, arranging, and live shows."

Jelinda Hill - Artist